GH Income Package

Have you ever wondered how Bloggers in Nigeria make Millions of Naira every month? It’s simple! Google and other adverts Companies pay Bloggers to place adverts on their blogs/websites and the bloggers get paid when you visit and click on those adverts!

This simply means bloggers make money when you visit their blog or website! So, the more you visit, the more money they make!

The question is, why do bloggers take all the money for themselves without giving a dime to the visitors who help them make the money?

This is the difference we are making on  We have designed a system that allows us share our Revenue with our members here every 25th of every month.

When you become a registered member, you can earn up to N50,000 every month through the following means:

Instance Amount Limit
GH Earnings for becoming a member ₦ 50 -
GH Earnings for viewing a post ₦ 2 No limit
GH Earnings for logging in ₦ 50 Maximum 2 times per week
GH Earnings for site visit ₦ 50 -
GH Earnings for Approved Comment ₦ 2 -
GH Earnings for clicking on link to: %url% ₦ 1 -

To become a member, you are required to Register (click Here) and pay a one-time Registration fee of N1,500 only!  You can pay online by buying registration coupon from any of these Phone numbers :

  1. 08065737541
  2. 08084253108
  3. 08145124953
  4. 07017664395
  5. 09033743374

Click HERE to Register an Account now!

Withdrawal of Earnings is done on 23rd while Payment to members is on 25th.  Minimum withdrawal is N4,000.




Do you still have questions?
Shoot us a mail via or call us on +2347069694497 or 08060992428. (8am – 5pm; Mondays – Saturdays)


Welcome to Gisthub. Happy unlimited Earnings!