Founded January 01, 2020, GISTHUB is an online news media that focuses on authoritative stories, investigations, and major headlines that springs from National issues, Politics, Metro, and Entertainment etc.

We shall be dedicated to the promotion of the principles of civilized nationalism, democracy, political and economic pluralism, liberty and equality of the various ethnic groups of the Nigerian Federation. But our independence will not be an excuse for opportunism and spineless neutrality on the major issues that affect the well-being of the Nigerian people. We shall be partisanly neutral on the side the truth, justice and good government. We shall tell our stories and narrate our events primarily in terms of people in a most beautiful form. Our practice shall be informed by the need to restore the primacy of a vigorously probing tradition.

All our titles and outfits are conceived as a statement of a new generation dedicated to the cultivation and protection of core liberal and democratic values.